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At statsART we have more than 10 years experience in conducting large scale research projects and teaching research methods and statistics (at undergraduate and postgraduate level). Throughout our careers we have designed, conducted, analysed and published a large number of scientific psychological studies. We have successfully employed a wide range of statistical methods including analyses of variance (ANOVAs), regression (predictive) models, segmentation analysis (essential in market research) and highly sophisticated statistical techniques such as Structural Equation Modelling.

Dr. Victoria Bourne MSc(Hons) PhD

Dr. Victoria Bourne

Victoria completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Sussex. It was at this early stage that she became involved in a peer assisted learning program where students provide support for students in earlier years. She completed her PhD at Sussex examining how we recognise familiar faces and the way in which each hemisphere of the brain achieves this in a different way. During this time Victoria was a graduate teaching assistant and she taught on research methods and statistics courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

After completing her PhD, Victoria moved on to a postdoctoral research fellow position in the Department of Mental Health at the University of Aberdeen. The project she worked on examined cognitive ageing, and in particular how childhood cognitive ability can impact on cognitive decline in later life. Her main role here was to conduct complex statistical analyses and to support the analyses conducted by the entire research team.

In 2005 Victoria took up a Lectureship in Psychology in the School of Psychology at the University of Dundee. Whilst in this position the majority of her teaching was in research methodology and statistical analysis at all levels from first year undergraduate through to doctoral research students and she was nominated for a University “Excellence in Teaching” award. She was also the research skills training coordinator and deputy director of learning and teaching within the School of Psychology.

For a number of years Victoria also taught short courses on statistics for the Generic Skills unit at Dundee. In this popular course she taught postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers from a wide range of disciplines including geography, nursing, midwifery, dentistry, social work, education, engineering and art & design. Additionally, Victoria has a great deal of experience supervising the research projects of undergraduate, MSc and PhD students.

In addition to her teaching experience, Victoria is an active researcher in the field of neuropsychology and had been awarded external funding for her research. Her research focuses on how we process information from faces (such as emotional expression or identity) and how each hemisphere of the brain makes a different contribution to this process. She is particularly interested in how this varies between individuals and has looked at sources of individual differences such as sex, gender identity, handedness and hormonal exposure. Victoria has published more than twenty scientific papers in peer reviewed journals. She is also frequently invited to review papers for top psychology journals and is currently an editor for a Special Issue of the journal Laterality. Recently, Victoria co-wrote a textbook on face processing.

Dr. Matei Vladeanu MA(Hons) PhD

Dr. Matei Vladeanu

Mat initially trained in Medicine before deciding to study psychology. He completed his psychology degree at the University of Dundee where his dissertation examined mathematical skills in older adults with dementia. After graduation Mat moved to Cardiff to complete his PhD with Prof Hadyn Ellis and Dr Michael Lewis examining various aspects of human face processing. This work also included research with patients who have schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. His doctoral research also explored computer modelling (Artificial Neural Networks) of human facial processing.

After completing his PhD, Mat stayed at Cardiff for a further two years as a postdoctoral researcher continuing his work into human learning of faces and face-derived information. He then took up a three year postdoctoral position back at Dundee to work on an eye movements and psycholinguistics project with Prof. Alan Kennedy. In addition to coordinating the research project, his expertise in computer programming enabled Mat to create custom software for data collection, extraction, restructuring, integration and analysis of large and complex data sets. Throughout his career Mat has used complex statistical methods (such as Structural Equation Modelling) and various computational models to explain human behaviours.

Mat took up a Lectureship in Cognitive Psychology at Brunel University in 2009. Here he teaches cognitive psychology (how we think, remember, solve problems, etc.) and coordinates the teaching of quantitative research methods and statistics. Additionally he supervises a number of undergraduate research projects.

The research that Mat does continues to be focused on face processing, although he has examined various aspects (semantics, identity, emotion), and his work has been published in a number of high impact peer reviewed journals. He is also often asked to review papers for journals and grants for funding bodies.