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We are able to provide advice for the entire research process, from the initial idea through to the presentation of fully analysed data. Our services are divided into five sections, according to the five stages of research and analysis. We can provide consultancy at any level, from just one stage through to seeing your entire project through from the very beginning to the very end.

Please contact us to discuss your research and analysis needs.

Stage 1: The initial idea and design
We will meet with you for an initial one hour consultation to discuss your ideas and needs and how we may be able to help you with this. This initial consultation is free and there is no obligation to use our consultancy services. If you are happy with our initial consultation, we can agree a package to suit your needs. Prices will be calculated for each project and will depend on: the complexity of the research design, the amount of data to be collected, the method of data collection, what your statistical analysis needs are and if you would like us to analyse and present the data.
Stage 2: Data collection
Stage 3: Data processing (extraction and reconfiguration)
Stage 4: Data analysis
Stage 5: Data presentation and reports

How can statsART Help your business?

Our work is unique in that we are strong researchers, but we also come from a psychological background. So not only can we conduct robust research and run complex statistical analyses, we can do this whilst always taking a psychological perspective on the work that we do. You can see examples of our scientific research that has been published in some of the top psychology journals in the world by visiting our publications page, or to see examples of our work for various businesses, please visit our portfolio page.
In recent years there has been a move towards the use of business intelligence, business analytics, evidence based practice and data driven decision making – using data to inform the decisions you make. Collecting and assessing data, or examining data that is already available to you, before making important business decisions can greatly enhance the decision making process and improve your business.

Segmentation Analysis for Market Reseatch
Business intelligence and predictive analyses
Product and business development
Customer and staff satisfaction, attitudes and opinions
Assessment of change within your business
How is psychology relevant to your business?