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We are a company based in the South East of England specialising in research and statistical analysis. Our areas of expertise include: research methodology, statistical analysis (predictive modelling, segmentation analysis, structural equation modelling, etc), and training in research methods and statistics using SPSS.

Coming from an academic background as psychologists, we have many years experience conducting and analysing our own research projects. Our research has been published in some of the top psychology journals. We also have a great deal of experience teaching these topics, from the most introductory level through to postgraduate level, and have published journal papers about how to effectively teach complicated statistical analyses. Our services fall into two main categories: consultancy and training.

We are able to provide consultancy at all stages of your project, from the initial design through to the presentation of analysed data. If needed, we can provide complete project management and take you through all the stages of you research. Alternatively, if you need more specific assistance, we can provide consultancy for any individual stage of your research project. For more information, please visit our consultancy page.

We also provide a range of training sessions covering both research methodology and statistical analysis (both Excel and SPSS). Our courses are designed as half day modules which can either be run independently or combined according to your needs. For more information, please visit our training page. To discuss your needs, for either consultancy or training, please contact us.



We are able to provide advice for the entire research process, from the initial idea through to the presentation of fully analysed data. We have a particularly high level of expertise in statistical analysis. Find out more…



We can provide training on most aspects of research skills and a wide range of statistical analyses. You can either select from our catalogue of courses, or we can custom design a course according to your needs. Find out more…



We are passionate about helping people to understand the research process and what statistics is really about so they can evaluate research presented in the media and make up their own mind about the findings. Find out more…



Dr Bourne provided a well organised and intelligent approach to complex statistical problems and wrote reports of her analyses in a clear, concise style that was accessible to readers unfamiliar with the problems we faced. Find out more…