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How do I know if I need research or statistical analysis for my company?
Almost every company is likely to conduct some research or need some data analysed. However they types of research and analysis needed vary a great deal, from analysis of customer satisfaction surveys through to randomised control trials. For more ideas on the way in which research can benefit your company, visit our business page. If you are still unsure, contact us with your ideas and we can help you to put them into action.
Can I discuss my ides with you without committing to using your services?
I already have a data set that I need analysed. Can you do this?
I want to collect some data, but I’m not sure where to start. Can you help?
I would like to use a questionnaire to collect some data but there isn’t a suitable one available. Can you help me to design one?
I would like to use some questionnaires to assess personality/cognitive ability/intelligence/attitudes. Can you help me to develop these questionnaires?
I have lots of data, but it is all in paper questionnaires. Are you able to input the data?
I have lots of data in electronic format, but it is in a large number of files/different formats/different structures. Can you reconfigure the data so that it is in an analysable form in one file?
I have a large data set, but it is a bit messy. For example, we have lots of missing values, some incorrectly inputted values or outlying values. Can you tidy up the data?
I would like you to analyse some data that we have, but I’m not sure what type of analysis is suitable. Can you advise?
How much do your consultancy services cost?