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Please note that pdfs are provided only for personal use, either for your own personal research or to gain further information about the research we conduct and statistical analyses we have used in our own research.


Book Cover Hole, G. J., & Bourne, V. J. (2010). Face processing: Psychological, neuropsychological and applied perspectives. Oxford University Press. Due for publication June 2010. Can be ordered from Amazon.

Scientific Papers

Bourne, V. J. & Gray, D. L. (In press) One face or two? Contrasting different versions of the chimeric faces test. Laterality. [pdf not yet available]

Bourne, V. J. (In press) Examining the effects of inversion on lateralisation for processing facial emotion. Cortex. [pdf]

Bourne, V. J. (In press). How are emotions lateralised in the brain? Contrasting existing hypotheses using the chimeric faces test. Cognition and Emotion. [pdf]

Dick, F. D., Bourne, V. J., Semple, S. E., Fox, H. C., Miller, B. G., Deary, I. J. & Whalley, L. J. (In press). Solvent exposure and cognitive ability at age 67: A follow-up study of the 1947 Scottish Mental Survey. Occupational and Environmental Medicine. [pdf]

Bourne, V. J. & Maxwell, A. M. (2010). Examining the sex difference in lateralisation for processing facial emotion: Does biological sex or psychological gender identity matter? Neuropsychologia. 48: 1289-1294. [pdf]

Dwyer, D.M., Mundy, M.E., Vladeanu, M., & Honey, R.C. (2009) Perceptual learning and acquired face familiarity: Evidence from inversion, use of internal features and generalization between viewpoints. Visual Cognition, 17, 334-355.[pdf]

Bourne, V. J. & Gray, D. L. (2009). Hormone exposure and functional lateralisation: Examining the contributions of prenatal and later life hormonal exposure. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 34: 1214-1221. [pdf]

Bourne, V. J., Vladeanu, M., & Hole, G. J. (2009). Lateralised repetition priming for featurally and configurally manipulated familiar faces: Evidence for differentially lateralised processing mechanisms. Laterality.14: 287-299. [pdf]

Vladeanu, M. & Bourne, V. J. (2009). Examining the hemispheric distribution of semantic information using lateralised priming of familiar faces. Brain and Cognition. 69: 420-425. [pdf]

Dwyer, D.M. & Vladeanu, M. (2009). Perceptual learning in face processing: Comparison facilitates face familiarization. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 62(10), 2055-2067[pdf]

Bourne, V. J. (2008). Assessing statistics at postgraduate level: The Statistics Chapter assignment. Psychology Learning and Teaching. 7: 42-45. [pdf]

Waiter, G., Fox, H. C., Murray, A., Starr, J. M., Staff, R., Bourne, V. J., Whalley, L. J., & Deary, I. J. (2008). Is retaining the youthful functional anatomy underlying speed of information processing a signature of successful cognitive ageing? An event-related fMRI study of inspection time performance. NeuroImage. 41: 581-595. [pdf]

Bourne, V. J. (2008). Examining the relationship between degree of handedness and degree of cerebral lateralisation for processing facial emotion. Neuropsychology. 22: 350-356. [pdf]

Bourne, V. J. (2008). Chimeric faces, visual field bias and reaction time bias: Have we been missing a trick? Laterality, 13: 92-103. [pdf]

Whalley, L. J., Deary, I. J., Starr, J. M., Whale, K. W., Rance, K. A., Bourne, V. J., & Fox, H. C. (2008). n-3 fatty acid erythrocyte membrane content, APOE ε4 and cognitive variation: an observational follow-up study in late adulthood. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 87: 449 - 454. [pdf]

Watling, D., & Bourne, V. J. (2007). Linking children's neuropsychological processing of emotion with their knowledge of emotion expression regulation. Laterality, 12: 381-396. [pdf]

Bourne, V. J., Fox, H. C., Starr, J. M., Deary, I. J., & Whalley, L. J. (2007). Social support in later life: Examining the roles of childhood and adulthood cognition. Personality and Individual Differences, 43: 937 – 948. [pdf]

Bourne, V. J., Fox, H. C., Deary, I. J., & Whalley, L. J. (2007). Does childhood intelligence predict variation in cognitive change in later life? Personality and Individual Differences, 42: 1551-1559. [pdf]

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Bourne, V. J. (2006). The divided visual field paradigm: Methodological considerations. Laterality, 11: 373-393. [pdf]

Bourne, V. J. & Hole, G. J. (2006). Lateralised repetition priming for familiar faces: Evidence for asymmetric interhemispheric cooperation. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 59: 1117-1133. [pdf]

Lewis M.B. & Vladeanu, M. (2006). What do we know about psycholinguistic effects? Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 59(6), 977-986. [pdf]

Bourne, V. J. (2005). Lateralised processing of positive facial emotion: sex differences in strength of hemispheric dominance. Neuropsychologia, 43: 953-956. [pdf]

Bourne, V. J. & Todd, B. K. (2004). When left means right: an explanation of the left cradling bias in terms of right hemisphere specialisations. Developmental Science. 7: 19-24. [pdf]

Editorial work

Victoria is currently a guest editor on a special issue of the journal Laterality:Changes in Emotion Lateralisation throughout Childhood.